Why Is There a Car Shortage?

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Why Is There a Car Shortage?

Did you know there is a global semiconductor microchip shortage, which is causing a car shortage? Microchips are essential in the vehicle-building process because they allow electronic systems to function. From basic engine functions to infotainment systems and several features in between, numerous components of our newest Buick and Chevy models require semiconductor microchips to run properly. That's why there is a car shortage across the automotive industry.

The microchip shortage is resulting in a car inventory shortage for many dealerships. However, Lochmandy Chevrolet Buick of Bremen is still here to help you get behind the wheel of the new Chevrolet or used car you're searching for as soon as possible. Reach out to our Chevy and Buick dealer near South Bend, IN, for more information about the microchip shortage or the steps to find the new Silverado, used Enclave or another vehicle that you love.

Why Is There a Chip Shortage in Cars?

The microchip shortage is influenced by a variety of factors, and the coronavirus pandemic is a major one. Factories were shut down to help stop COVID-19 spread and consumers were buying entertainment devices, home appliances and other electronics on a massive scale. Because the automotive industry isn't the only one that relies on semiconductor microchips, the reduced supply is having effects beyond those companies. Semiconductor microchip manufacturers are attempting to ration chips among industries, which has led to car companies prioritizing certain models and reducing inventory output. As a result, our Bremen Chevy and Buick dealer might not have as many new cars on our lot as you're used to.

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